iOS Release Notes

Version 6.14.3

Changed Features

  • Updated podspec to fix the bundling of the Privacy Manifest in CocoaPods.

Version 6.14.2

Changed Features

  • Re-added the MinimumOSVersion 100 for SPM builds for AppsFlyerLib-Static and AppsFlyerLib-Strict.

Version 6.14.1

New Features

  • Added a new validateAndLogInAppPurchase API to provide in-app purchase validation and reporting of the purchase to AppsFlyer.
    This API is initially released as closed beta and requires activation before use.
    After the official release, the new API will replace the legacy validateAndLogInAppPurchase API.

Changed Features

  • Updated the Minimum Deployment version of the SDK to 12, in accordance with the App Store Connect requirements for building apps with XCode15 described here. As part of this change we also attempted to remove the workaround introduced v6.13.2, that set the MinimumOSVersion to 100.

Version 6.14.0

New Features

  • Added AppsFlyer SDK's Privacy Manifest. More information about it can be found here.

  • Added XCFramework Signature. The SDK's XCFramework is signed with Apple's certificate authority.
    The signature can be validated using XCode 15.
    Upon successful verification, the Signature in XCode's File Inspector should look like this: SDK Signature.
    More information about SDK signing can be found here.

Version 6.13.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the release of apps using SPM with XCode 15.3.
    The issue was related to building the release for archive and validation with App Store Connect.
    More details about the issue can be found here.

The fix was published in a dedicated repository -
Please make sure to use that repository if you are integrating the SDK with SPM using XCode 15.3.

Version 6.13.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with sending consent data for non GDPR users in a CMP consent flow.
    The issue affects apps that use the CMP consent data collection feature introduced in v6.13.0.
    When GDPR does not apply for a certain user, the SDK would send empty consent data to AppsFlyer, as if the GDPR status of the user was not determined.

Note: When GDPR does apply for a user - the data will be sent correctly, so there is no concern for sending wrong consent data.

Version 6.13.0

New Features

  • Added the ability to collect consent data from the user, that is required by Google for DMA compliance.
    The complete guide for sending user consent through the SDK can be found here.

Version 6.12.3

New Features

  • Added "original_link" parameter to DeepLinking callback in ESP resolving flow.
    This parameter contains the original URL that was embedded into the email, and that clicking on it opened the app.

  • Added "host" and "path" parameters to the payload of Universal Deep Linking (UDL) callback.

Changed Features

  • Removed any reference to the iAd framework from the SDK.
    Following Apple's announcement about the termination of iAd framework on iOS, we removed any reference to it from the AppsFlyer SDK. The SDK will continue to use the AdServices framework for Apple Search Ads attribution.
    For more information about the iAd framework removal from iOS, See "About the iAd attribution framework" here

For previous versions, see here